Teachers & Staff

Meet Our Staff

Our professional staff members are dedicated to the success of every child who passes through our doors. We want every child to succeed. If you ever have a question or concern, our teachers and staff members are happy to assist you.


Briana Gibson - Principal

Michelle Stearns - Secretary


Kindergarten - Misty Hightower 
Kindergarten - Rebecca Jackson 
1st Grade - Terrie Adams
1st Grade - JoAnn Jones
2nd Grade - Beverly Gunn
2nd Grade - Misty Nunez
3rd Grade - Britt Leach
3rd Grade - Melanie Lee
4th Grade - Kaitlin Brophy
4th Grade - Madison Romero
5th Grade - Daynette Fenner
5th Grade - Victoria Sedillo
SPED - Michelle Garcia
MUSIC - Wayne Ellison
BAND - DuWayne Shaver
TITLE I - April Lindsay
READS TO LEAD - Susan Owings
SLP - Ciara Foust

Support Staff

ART - Alida Scruggs
Computers - Dawna Guevara
SPED EA - Alisha Trujillo
SPED EA - Breanna Uller
SPED EA - Jennifer Hiles
Custodian - Beth Plemel
Custodian - Lucy Vega