Welcome to Capitan Municipal Schools

We welcome you to the Capitan Municipal Schools District website and on-line home of the Fighting Tigers. Famously known as the birthplace of Smokey Bear, the Village of Capitan is Located in Lincoln County, near the heart of New Mexico. Our village is set in the temperate mountain climate between the Capitan and Sacramento mountains of New Mexico. Founded in the harsh frontier days of 1891, we have grown in numbers while retaining our small town country flavor.

The Capitan Municipal Schools District is honored to serve and guide our most precious assets: our children. We know that these young learners represent us – and our future.

We are an educational community with a mission that values and strives to empower young learners in a safe and nurturing environment. We invite you to browse our website and learn about the remarkable students, staff, and community that make us unique.


A Message from our Superintendent

You will see many new faces on our campus this year, and we invite you to take the time to get to know the new staff members in our buildings. These are wonderful additions to our staff. They are all excited about working with you and your students this school year.

Work is continuing on the building that will be the new home for Capitan Middle School and Capitan High School. Just imagine how exciting it will be when our secondary students begin the year next fall in a brand new school.  

We do not have results from our testing completed last spring. Anytime a new test is used, the first round of results takes longer with careful examination of student responses to various questions to ensure there are no inherent problems with the test. This time, many other states are involved in the process, so things just take a little longer. This year, we will be giving the PARCC test for language arts and math during one testing window, and we will reduce the testing time by over an hour. The SBA science test given in grades 4, 7, and 11 remains the same. After all the work our teachers and students put into testing last year, this year should be much easier on all of us. I was pleased that most of the comments from students regarding the test indicated they felt well prepared for the new test and enjoyed the computerized format.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life. Capitan is a small, strong community. We strive every day to make our community proud of us, to keep your schools academically strong, and to maintain a safe environment for our students and staff. We are proud to be a part of the Capitan community.  

We encourage you to visit your child’s classrooms. Your partnership helps our schools become even stronger.


Shirley Crawford