Welcome to Capitan Municipal Schools

We welcome you to the Capitan Municipal Schools District website and on-line home of the Fighting Tigers. Famously known as the birthplace of Smokey Bear, the Village of Capitan is Located in Lincoln County, near the heart of New Mexico. Our village is set in the temperate mountain climate between the Capitan and Sacramento mountains of New Mexico. Founded in the harsh frontier days of 1891, we have grown in numbers while retaining our small town country flavor.

The Capitan Municipal Schools District is honored to serve and guide our most precious assets: our children. We know that these young learners represent us – and our future.

We are an educational community with a mission that values and strives to empower young learners in a safe and nurturing environment. We invite you to browse our website and learn about the remarkable students, staff, and community that make us unique.


A Message from our Superintendent

The 2014-2015 school year brings us full implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in all grades. Our staff has received many hours of training to assist in our delivery of these standards to meet the increased rigor required. To learn more about these standards we urge you to visit the PED website. Click on the “A-Z Directory” then go to “Common Core Standards”. We encourage you to become familiar with the CCSS and to communicate regularly with your student’s teacher(s) to help us monitor and work with your student’s progress to meet these more rigorous standards.

Our schools continue to perform at a standard above that of most schools in the state. Our high school and elementary school received an A and B respectively this year. However, we did see a small decline in our middle school to a C grade. Let me assure you that we are all working toward identifying factors for this drop and working together for solutions. Raising and maintaining school grades is a community effort, and our congratulations go out to our students, faculty, administration, and parents for all of the hard work that goes into making this one of the finest school districts in the state.  Get involved, and be knowledgeable about the testing going on in your district (SBA, Discovery, DIBELS, etc.) Ask questions about your student’s test scores, what these scores mean, and how we can partner to address areas where there may be weaknesses or areas where we need to encourage enrichment activities. (Grades for all schools in the state are available on the PED website)

We encourage you to visit your child’s classrooms. Your partnership helps our schools become even stronger.


Shirley Crawford