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Our small town school accomplishes great things, and there is plenty of important and interesting information to share about our schools and the great students and staff that make us proud. Check back often; we will keep you up-to-date on the many endeavors and goings-on of our students and staff at Capitan Municipal.

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PTO is in full swing with the 2023–2024 school year! We have elected a new board:

  • President: Mindy Hacker
  • Vice President: Candra Acuna
  • Secretary: Caitlyn Whitley
  • Treasurer: TJ Romero
  • Booster Club Rep: Courtney Bennett
  • Member at Large: Trisha Goodloe

PTO Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month in the Board Room/Room 101 Admin. PTO and Booster Club have joined forces, we are jointly heading up all home game concession stands, and we are in need of volunteers! If you would like to volunteer and support PTO or if you have an organization that would like to work the concession stands as a fundraiser, please let Courtney Bennett know or email us.

If you would like to join PTO, we would love to have you! Email us or stop by a concession, and we will be happy to sign you up! We are looking forward to an amazing year! Be sure to follow us on Facebook at Capitan PTO. Thank you for all of your support!

Mill Levy Election

The Mill Levy Election is coming up for vote on November 7, 2023. This is very important to our school districts maintenance and operations. Please visit the 2023 Mill Levy Election page to learn more!

REACH NM Service
Scan the code to add to your contacts

The New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department has launched a new service, REACH NM, providing text-based reporting and engagement. REACH NM allows young people to connect directly with CYFD workers for resources, help, and reporting potential abuse or neglect. The service is free to any New Mexican with a text-message enabled cell phone. REACH NM is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Text them at (505) 591-9444. Scan the code to add to your contacts. 

For more information, please see the REACH NM flyers.


REACH NM - Spanish Flyer

Rachel's Closet

Did you know that 40 Capitan elementary, middle, and high school students visited Rachel’s Closet last semester? Items that were given to boys and girls were: 

  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Soap
  • Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Socks and Shoes
  • Prom Dresses
  • Pressed Jeans and Pressed Shirts
  • Nail Clippers
  • Lice Kits
  • Belts 

Rachel’s Closet has been newly restocked with many more clothes and other necessities. If you need to gain access to Rachel’s Closet, please contact a teacher or admin to help you. Teachers, please send any students to the closet who need it. In addition, Homecoming is around the corner, and there are plenty of dry-cleaned dresses for the occasion!