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To Lead, Educate, and Prepare All Students
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Our Administration & District Staff

We believe that we have the best administrators, and we know how deeply they care about the success of our children. Our administrators are dedicated to leading our children by positive example and guiding them in their educational endeavors. Together, with carefully selected faculty and staff, they work to ensure the best interests of our children are met. We encourage you to contact any member of our administration with your questions or concerns.

A Message From Our Superintendent

Dear Students, Staff, and Community,

It is an honor and a privilege to serve the Capitan Municipal Schools family as Superintendent. I hope to engage with all of you as we work to improve the educational experience for our kids.

As we go through the 2023 school year, I welcome your engagement in Tiger Excellence. We each have a specific role in this endeavor.

As a student, it is your responsibility to be the best version of yourself. Find your passion, learn the skills to accomplish your goals and remain focused to achieve these goals. Our staff and administration will support you every step of the way.

As a staff member, it is our responsibility to improve our craft, remain focused on a student-centered culture of Tiger Excellence, and conduct ourselves in a respectful and professional manner. The school experience is a direct result of our interactions and guidance.

As a community member, I ask that you partner with us to provide the best educational experience possible. Your participation and input are critical for Capitan Municipal Schools to foster and develop Tiger Excellence. Please feel to contact us, or just drop by and visit. I also ask that you support our kids through your attendance at student activities, athletics, parent meetings and other events throughout the school year.

Best regards,

J. Vance Lee

J. Vance Lee
(575) 354-8500

Administration and District Staff Personnel

J. Vance Lee
P: (575) 354-8511

Becky Huey
Middle School & High School Principal
P: (575) 354-8500

Stacy Wren
Information Technology and Services

Gwen Jones
District STARs Coordinator

Diane Latham
District Nurse
P: (575) 354-8500

Jamie Shepperd
Chief Financial Officer
P: (575) 354-8500

Dale Jackson
Athletics Coordinator

Briana Gibson
Elementary School Principal

Vicki Beets
Student Support Services Director
P: (575) 354-8500

Shane Shepperd
Transportation/Operations Supervisor